Osteology Foundation

Image Film & Event Branding


The Osteology Foundation is an international foundation that promotes research, education and cooperation between industry and universities in the field of oral tissue regeneration. The foundation commissioned us to produce an image film and audiovisual show content for the 2019 Osteology Symposium in Barcelona. The challenge with the image film was to convey the varied work of the foundation in a complex medical field using a concise and comprehensible example.


Staying true to the foundation’s guiding principle “Linking Science with Practice”, we showed how the foundation’s global work enables specialists to network and engage with each other using its online platform. To visualise this networking in the film, we supplemented the film shots with suitable animations that abstractly represent a global network of cooperation between science and practice.

Production Pascal Apostol | Regie Roman Frei | Camera Lukas Schaller | Edit Lukas Schaller | Motion-Design Dominik Ruckli, Elia Salvisberg, Roman Frei

Motion Design
VFX & Compositing