Koralle pendulum impact test


With the glued shower wall without additional fastening elements, Bekon-Koralle has developed a way to raise bathroom construction to a new design level. However, many customers were skeptical whether the relatively small adhesive surface could guarantee the safety of the shower wall in the event of a fall or impact. The film is intended to convince future and existing customers that the shower screen does what it promises. The pendulum impact test creates trust and the acting forces are made tangible for the viewer. At the same time, the brand values of humanity, down-to-earthness and Swissness are conveyed in the film without being predominant.


Made in Switzerland is always equated with the appropriate quality. The Koralle pendulum impact test exceeds the legal norm test 5 times. The test substantiates the quality standards Bekon-Koralle places on its own products. With the help of human visualization, the acting forces are presented in a comprehensible manner and the viewer feels safe and secure. By dissolving the experimental setup, we provide evidence that it is not just a film example, but an actual test that was recorded live.

Production Alina Benz | Regie Maurin Crameri | Art Direction Maurin Crameri, Dominik Ruckli | Camera Lukas Schaller, Luca Schwarz | Grip Luca Starace | Post-Production Luca Starace, Roman Frei | Motion Design Elia Salvisberg, Dominik Ruckli

Motion Design