CKW -125 Years

Anniversary Film


CKW is active in the electricity sector and offers a range of products and services. CKW is celebrating its 125th year anniversary in 2019. A long history full of exciting events. To mark this occasion, CKW contacted us with the order to produce a retrospective film of its history. The film was to be presented at the anniversary event in KKL Luzern together with the 21st Century Orchestra.


Following extensive research in the existing archive material, the film emerged with the company’s timeline. Using the static archive images, we created animated collages bringing the material to life. All the elements were combined in the format of a silent film. This means the film can also be enjoyed without audio. The soundtrack was composed by our partner TERTIUS Sounds, which also produced the sheets of music for the individual instruments of the orchestra.

Production Alina Benz | Regie Dominik Ruckli | Motion-Design Dominik Ruckli, Elia Salvisberg

Motion Design